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Name:Chris Orcot
Location:United States of America

chris orcot is from the manga pet shop of horrors (this particular chris is AU, but reasonably so. his timeline begins from (give or take a few months) about twenty years after the end of the -first- manga. chris works for the f.b.i., in the same department as vesca howell; essentially he has followed in his older brother leon's footsteps. ultimately, he holds onto the hope that somewhere leon is still out there, alive and well--maybe by now, leon has at last found count d. chris hasn't forgotten his childhood, and refuses to believe all that happened to and around him was nothing but a case of an extremely brilliant imagination.

he is a kind man not lacking in sympathy for others, and he wields a naturally inquisitive mind. chris is inherently an optimist, and very well-grounded in his belief systems. naturally, he has a certain respect for the untamed wild. unlike leon, chris' temper is much more restrained, though when he's absolutely had enough, it undoubtedly marks him as an orcot. but also true to his heritage, he is fiercely determined in all that he does, and will not give up a good lead once he has it.

at this point in time, he has suspicions he cannot shake about his friend aeron howell being of kami blood, but no true evidence. yet.

both chris orcot and PSOH belong to matsuri akino, not me. i am in no way associated with charlie hunnam. no profit is being made here. mun and muse are most definitely over eighteen years old.
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